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Title: Everything You Are - Chapter 3
Pairing: Louis/Zayn
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 3,700
Summary: Zayn realises a little too late, he's fallen into the trap of having feelings for his best friend.
Warning: Mild swearing
Disclaimer: This isn't true. I don't own the boys. This is just for fun.
A/N: This is my first time posting a fic over on livejournal, please let me know what you think, feedback, or criticism, would be appreciated I hope you enjoy.

Louis was definitely one of those boys Zayn would never even begin to understand. He would spend his days draped across Harry and the rest of them (always fucking Harry more than the rest of them), and that really was irritating in itself; but then he'd crawl back into the arms of his gorgeous girlfriend by the time the night was through. It was those sour thoughts that Zayn really had to push out of his head, as his dark chocolate eyes shone down towards Louis, his blackberry attached to his ear making his soppy goodbyes to his girlfriend.

L.A. that was what he had to learn to focus on, they were heading out to L.A. for fucks sake, to record for some TV show, that yes Zayn had never heard of in his entire life, that didn't make it any less exciting. Well there was that, interviews, officially meeting up with Big Time Rush, before their tour in the spring. And of course he had more plans to get another tattoo, but he'd see when they finally got out there.

It was the sharp call of the voiceover, calling their plane for boarding when he finally jumped up, choosing not to help Liam trying to get Harry and Niall to stop messing around with each other, bouncing around the place like the two idiots they were, to actually board the plane, Louis was more likely to entertain him.

"You hang up first, no you hang up first" Zayn teased, dropping his head onto Louis' shoulder from behind. He wasn't going to be boring; he had learnt his lesson when Louis accosted him after their final show in Belfast.

That wasn't like him, it never had been. Yes, he was the quiet one, he didn't care, someone had to be; in a band like this it wasn't hard for that to fall onto Zayn's shoulders, the rest of them were loud, maybe with the exception of Liam, yet he was quite a bit louder than Zayn given half the chance. Zayn could still have a laugh, just as much as the rest of them, it wasn't as though he was a recluse or anything. He fully planned to get back to that way of things, right now was a good starting point in fact.

"Hi Zayn" he could hear Eleanor's voice scream from the other end of the phone, obviously loud enough for him to hear.

"Hi my love" Zayn shouted back, Louis flinching away, Zayn's voice obviously too loud in his ear. That just made him laugh even more, his hands gripping around Louis' waist to keep him from squirming away, it wasn't weird or awkward, with Louis, messing about felt like the most natural thing in the world. He could hear Eleanor's soft laugh on the other end of the phone, even that didn't annoy him as much as it could of. She was Louis' girlfriend, it made him happy seeing Louis so happy. This whole thing, might not even have been about Louis, maybe he was jealous, Louis had someone that made him happy, why couldn't he have that too? That's what it was, if he had a girl of his own, one he could spoil, spend nights curled together talking, laughing, messing about the way that he did with the boys. That was it; that had to be it, right? He wasn't madly in love with Louis, he was an utter fool to think that in the first place. Louis was his best friend, that was all.

"Now, if you don't mind I'm planning on whisking your wonderful boyfriend off to LA for a week and we kind of need to go now." Zayn spoke softly, his voice loud enough for Eleanor to hear as well as Louis. He honestly wasn't sure if Louis had heard the announcement, he'd been too busy talking on his phone; Zayn just supposed that was his way of telling him it was time to go. They had to board, that was going to be fun, knowing him he'd probably end up falling asleep the entire journey, he always dozed off, most of the time he barely managed to stick the journey half an hour before he'd doze off. Unless it was Louis he was next too, Louis was the one that always kept them in high spirits whenever they had a long way to travel. No one could be bored with Louis around, the boy had a knack for keeping everyone entertained, without being a total pain about it. Even if someone miraculously found themselves becoming annoyed with Louis; he’d turn around and make them laugh five minutes later, and everything would have sorted itself out; just like that.

"I'd better get going then. Love you" Louis spoke quietly down the phone, dropping his voice for the last two words. It was as if he was afraid of anyone overhearing the moment of intimacy between he and his girlfriend. Zayn assumed he didn't mind saying it in front of the other boys, just not in front of the public. Then again, he did say he loved the boys in most interviews they did, that was completely different, Zayn knew that.

“Love you too” He could hear Eleanor’s voice travel from the other end of the phone. Maybe he shouldn’t have been there, cutting in on their private moment like that. After all Louis wasn’t going to get to see his girlfriend until they were back in England again. At that, it wasn’t going to be long that they were back home until they were heading back to America for the tour. Louis had warned him to stop being weird with him, it would have been weird if he had backed off, it was his usual thing to do, to be a pain, try and interrupt the moment between the couple; well either he or Harry.

“Love you the most..” Zayn screamed, fully intent on ruining their moment. Louis laughed and pushed him away playfully. At least they were back to messing about with each other, without Zayn becoming the brooding idiot he had been lately.

“Call you when I land” Zayn could hear Louis promise before he hung up.

Shoving his blackberry in his pocket, Louis skipped forward, throwing his arm around Zayn’s shoulders, he missed how easily the pair could mess about. Yes, it was the same when he and Harry messed about. With Zayn, everything was free and easy, they connected on a deeper level, it was only really recently the pair had started growing closer. More often than not, Louis had found himself wondering down to Zayn’s apartment whenever Eleanor wasn’t about, rather than opting to spend time with Harry. Harry was usually off chasing after Ed, when they were in the same city; or failing that, he could have usually been found in Niall’s apartment. They weren’t drifting apart, no that thought was ridiculous; yet Louis secretly loved how things had turned around. That was part of what upset him so much, when he felt as though Zayn was avoiding him; part of him felt as though he’d done something wrong, he’d been racking his brain for days trying to fit the pieces of the puzzle together, trying to work out what had happened. It was frustrating, that no matter how hard he tried, his mind still drew up blank. It had definitely gone and sorted itself out though, well as much as it could in the two days since they were in Belfast. Zayn wasn’t as restricted with him as he had been before, now it just felt as though Louis had over thought things far too much; that things were simple and he’d just gone and over complicated them in his head. It didn’t matter, he didn’t need to worry about that. All he did need to worry about was how the hell was he going to suffer through another eleven hour flight to L.A.

“Whisking me away on a romantic trip away eh Malik?” Louis teased, Zayn threw his arm around his waist in return, as they fell into line behind the other three and a very flustered looking Paul.

“Nah sorry mate, I was thinking more of a dirty week away” Zayn teased, Louis could help himself but laugh, the grin booming across his features as he looked towards his best friend. It was good for them to have a laugh like this, forget about everything else for a while, the screaming fans, the millions of hours of work they were going to have to put up with as soon as they touched down in America, with the lack of sleep dragging them down. That’s what they had each other for, too keep each other’s spirits up. This would have been a nightmare trying to do this all by himself; Louis honestly didn’t think he would have been able to manage it without the others. Not so soon, not the way they seemed to be popular all around the world overnight. It was insane.

“Damn it Zayn, I packed for romance, not kinky” Louis teased, the mock frown tainting his lips, until Zayn rolled his eyes, the frown quickly turning into giggles, they were hard to stop.

“Oh but Lou, why would you need to pack, take a leaf out of Harry’s book and just be naked all the time” Zayn bit back with a wink; even a week ago Zayn knew there was no way in hell he would have been able to say that, Louis words would have sent him into the deepest shade of red imaginable, he’d maybe mutter something and have to run off, and hope to god the others wouldn’t come looking for him.

“What about Harry?” Harry craned his neck to look back at the pair of them. He would hear his own name being mentioned, even if he was at the other side of the room. That would have been a terrible thing, if any of them found themselves being severely pissed off at him, with the need to complain to absolutely anyone that would listen, thankfully it wasn’t.

“We were just commenting on how much we admire your exhibitionist qualities?” Louis invented, the pair burst into laughter. It was easy to forget himself around Louis, it was something Zayn honestly couldn’t describe, but he wouldn’t change it for anything.

“And praying, that you don’t take it upon yourself to go starkers on another long haul flight?” Zayn added, with difficulty through his laughter.

“I can’t promise anything boys” Harry answered with a wink. “If it does get hot in there, I’ll have to cool myself down in some way”

“Just let us know and we’ll tip water over your head” Niall butted in.

“And I though you loved my nakedness” Harry pouted, turning back to the blonde, their conversation turning into hushed tones, with red cheeks and giggles; Zayn was convinced, he really did not want to hear what the pair were talking about.

“Speaking of curly’s exhibitionist qualities” Louis began again, “If I sit with you, how long will it be until you pass out on my shoulder?”

“About ten minutes after take-off” Zayn replied, he honestly didn’t know if he was joking or being completely serious, he loved his sleep, but Louis was likely to keep him entertained.

“Even if I whip out my travel scrabble?” Louis offered as what Zayn assumed was supposed to be some sort of incentive. All Zayn wanted to do was burst into laughter.

“I might be able to last an hour” Zayn mused, who could turn Louis down when he offered travel scrabble? In fact he found it hard to resist Louis most of the time, not matter what his bonkers ideas were, even at the most inappropriate times, Zayn usually did agree without a second thought.

“An hour, you must have built up your stamina since the last time we played together” Louis smirked, winking completely over the top.

“Ohh you have no idea” Zayn laughed, just before they were ushered onto the plane by management, Louis stuck true to his word in plonking down on the seat next to him, Zayn had honestly thought he would have wavered in favour of sitting next to Harry and Niall, leaving it to be he and Liam together in front with Zayn’s head curled into the crook of Liam’s neck for most of the journey. He wouldn’t have minded that either, things were definitely more fun with Louis by his side throughout the journey. Louis and alcohol, plenty of time for chatting and laughter, yet no sign of travel scrabble, and of course Zayn would have to play up the huff card, claiming Louis lied to him. All in all, it wasn’t actually a bad flight.


Their first couple of days in America were completely what Louis had expected them to be. They’d been in the studio’s filming for that show, whatever it was called again, he honestly couldn’t remember. They’d met up with the lad’s from Big Time Rush a few times, they were great lads, he honestly couldn’t wait for this tour to start; although at the same time he wasn’t looking forward to spending so much time away from his family, his friends (even if he did have his best friends on tour with him), and Eleanor too.

Yet he found himself thinking something had changed on this trip. He usually loved his calls with his girlfriend, they could chat for hours and never get bored. For some reason he found himself becoming reluctant to want to call her, he should have been more bothered about the fact that they didn’t talk as much as they used too, he wasn’t. He had gone out of his way to get her a fantastic present, even if he did say so himself. Even though he had gone to Zayn’s room in the hope of the pair of them doing something together that day, even if it meant going shopping, or just hanging out at some kind of arcade. He didn’t mind, he and Zayn were definitely becoming closer again, he found himself seeking out Zayn’s company more than Harry’s, and that definitely was a change. It was when he rocked up at Zayn’s door with the idea, Zayn already had plans, with Harry. That shouldn’t have bothered him as much as it did, they were planning on getting tattoos together. Yes, Zayn had invited him along, he didn’t even take a second to think before inviting Louis along. Louis couldn’t do it, he couldn’t go with them and not get a tattoo. It wasn’t as though they would have pressured him into it or anything, honestly he was a little bit chicken with the whole idea of a needle tattooing something onto his skin. That might have been the reason he ended up going shopping in the first place; yet it wasn’t as though he wouldn’t have been able to go home without bringing her something back. Maybe he wouldn’t have bought her a $6000 pair of shoes; but still.

He wasn’t jealous it was Harry spending time with Zayn, he wasn’t. Louis wasn’t sure what it was, there was just something he couldn’t put his finger on. Yes, he could have gone with them, yes they could all have spent time together (it wasn’t as though they didn’t do that all the time); but that just wasn’t something he wanted to do. It wasn’t even that he wanted to spend all of his time with Zayn, Louis guessed he treasured the time the pair spent when it was just the two of them, doing nothing remotely interesting or exciting to anyone else. Or even when they went out at night, but recently Louis was finding he was having to increasingly share that time with Zayn, that used to be his, now everyone else was coming along too. First with Liam (yes they had planned to corrupt him to the party vibes, together), Niall a few times, now that Harry was finally eighteen that probably meant he was probably going to start coming on their lad’s nights (when he wasn’t off with Ed that was). They didn’t have that time just the two of them anymore, Louis sort of missed that. At the same time, it wasn’t as though he didn’t want to spend that time with the other boys, he did. That was another thing that annoyed him so much, he couldn’t get his head around what his own problem was. What was it about sharing Zayn that bothered him so much? It shouldn’t have, the five of them were so close, they called each other their brothers, he loved every last one of them. Even the thought sent him throwing himself back against the bed. It was at that moment he found himself wishing that they were back in the U.K, at least at home he’d have been able to go out on the piss, bring the boys with him instead of sitting depressing himself in his own room. There was still the mini bar, and the other boys. Where were Niall and Liam at anyway? Liam he was sure was probably skyping Danielle, as for Niall, he was probably off somewhere eating.

Opting to go look for them as soon as he pulled open the door to his room, the sound of laughter greeted his ears straight away. He knew instantly who was in the hallway, he didn’t even need to step out of the room before he’d been greeted with Harry yelling, “Boo bear”

“Sup Hazhead” Louis called back, the pair pushing into the room past him instead of letting Louis out, wherever it was he was supposedly going; he hadn’t even been certain himself. This was better though, he was off out in search of company, and the company found him.

“So did you wimp out, or did you actually go through with it?” Louis pushed the thoughts of Zayn from his head, opting to tease Harry instead, obviously referring to Harry’s tattoo as he pushed the door shut again. Louis might not have had the best pain threshold, but Harry wasn’t any better than he was. They all knew it killed the younger boy he didn’t deal with pain very well; like the time he fell on stage for instance, he complained about that for about two days after.

“How rude!” Harry gasped, completely over the top throwing himself onto Louis’ bed, kicking off his shoes, making himself comfortable, the way Harry always did.

“He went through with it alright” It was Zayn that spoke for him, dropping to the bed next to him.

“And dis he scream the place down like a little girl?” Louis teased.

“Surprisingly, no”

“I am not that bad” Harry frowned

“You are” Both he and Zayn replied in unison, before bursting out with laughter.

“Well, let me see it then?” Louis asked. And Harry did, rolling up the sleeve of his t-shirt, it wasn’t as though he had to do much, just pull it back out of the way for Louis to get a proper look at it.

“Ohh a star, how original” Louis teased, Zayn laughed, whilst Harry just rolled his eyes.

“Well what would you have suggested?” Harry mocked, he liked it. He didn’t care what the other boys said, it didn’t matter, well it did a little, he did care what the boys thought. He could still tell Louis didn’t hate it, he’d have told him outright, that was the best part the way they were so close like that, they could be honest with each other; they wouldn’t even think about lying.

“My face” Louis offered

“Zayn’s saving that for his next tattoo, he’s gonna get it tattooed on his arse.” Harry invented

“Yeah, cause that’s not creepy or anything” Zayn laughed, Louis couldn’t help but laugh too.

“Not in the slightest” Harry joked, stretching himself out on the bed, his knee knocking the shoe box Louis had perched on the bed, sending the shoes falling open. All three sets of eyes found the shoes, on the bed. Harry reached out twirling one around by the heel in his hand. With a snigger, it would have been typical Harry behaviour to have to make some smart arsed remark.

“Fuck Lou, I’m not sure you’ll be able to pull these off mate” Harry teased, wriggling his eyebrows playfully.

Zayn wasn’t sure what it was that hit him so hard, he’d been momentarily been knocked back at the appearance of the item currently held in Harry’s hand. It wouldn’t have been hard to figure out exactly who it was Louis had bought those for. And it wasn’t as though he was an expert or anything, from going out with Rebecca those few months they were together, he knew exactly how much a pair of those had cost (not that he would ever admit that to anyone). It wasn’t as though he had expected Louis to get his girlfriend a shit present or anything, but that was a lot (although it wasn’t as though they didn’t have the money, he could have got her pretty much anything). But it sparked something low in the pit of his stomach that he had though he had gotten rid of, he wasn’t supposed to be jealous of his best friends girlfriend; the fact that Louis was buying her lavish, expensive gifts every time they were out of the country. It wasn’t as though that was something he wanted, he didn’t get it, not at all. He wanted to be getting over this crush, or whatever it was that he’d been developing. But every time Louis had to go about being the best boyfriend to Eleanor, he saw green. He was jealous.

“I’d say you’d at least need to shave your legs first” Zayn offered, he wasn’t going to let this ruin their friendship again. Even though it was he that had been ignoring Louis in the first place, he had missed Louis, and he wasn’t putting himself through that again.

“Fuck you both” Louis replied light-heartedly, hastily shoving the shoe back in the box, dropping it to the floor, dropping on the bed next two his two best friends. 


I just realised I started this at the wrong spot it being chapter 3 and all, so I will go back and read the other two chapters. Anyway I think you write really well and I love the banter and I like your Zayn. Looking forward to reading more :)

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